Our Structure

Supreme Council Office  

The Knights of Columbus international headquarters is located in New Haven, Connecticut.  Led by the Supreme Knight, the chief executive officer of the Knights, the office provides administrative support and leadership for our more than 14,000 local units.  For more information visit www.kofc.org

The Supreme Council has more than 75 state council organizations to help guide regional activities that are consistent with the principles of the Order.


The Maryland State Office helps to disseminate information to Chapters and Councils from the Supreme Office and is led by the State Deputy and his team of officers.  There are just over 200 councils in the State of Maryland.  Information on the State Office can be found at http://www.kofc-md.org


Each state council is divided into districts – groupings of several local councils.  Each District is led by a District Deputy as a representative of the State Office.  A District Deputy may oversee 4-7 councils.


Chapter Officers led by the Chapter President make sure that the districts and councils are in conformance with the direction taken by our Order.  Baltimore Chapter represents nearly 70 Councils residing in the Baltimore region.  More information about the Baltimore Chapter can be found at http://www.mdkofc.org/baltimore/default.htm


Local councils are the basic unit of the Knights.  Most are based in parishes, though some have their own council hall within a community.  Each local council works to assist with the needs of its community consistent with the principles of the Order.  The local council is led by the Grand Knight.  There are approximately 150 member councils in Maryland.



Every council is assigned a certified insurance agent, who is a Knight and represents the Supreme Council, and whose job it is to provide our top-rated products to our members and their families.  The Field Agent assigned to the Bel Air Council is Edward O’Keefe who you will quickly notice is committed to helping members and their families prepare for their financial stability in the future.  Each Field Agent oversees several councils in their geographical area.